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Um pouco mais sobre as personagens masculinas (*** SPOILERS ***):

Wrath is the King of the vampires and is the last pureblood vampire in existence. Almost completely blind, he is the leader who was not willing to ascend the throne. He falls in love with Beth, the half-breed daughter of his brother, Darius. His story is told in Dark Lover (Livro Um).


Rhage is the strongest and most beautiful of the Brothers. Cursed by The Scribe Virgin, he is possessed with a dark side that is a danger to everyone. His story is told in Lover Eternal He falls in love with a human named Mary and wishes to take her as his Shellan.


Zsadist is the scarred, menacing Brother. Taken as an infant from his family, he's forced into blood slavery until his twin, Phury, rescues him. His story with the beautiful aristocratic vampire Bella tells the softening of this tortured warrior's heart in Lover Awakened.


Butch/Dhestroyer is the only human to be allowed within the Brotherhood, and Wrath's cousin. This connection to him allows him to be "turned" and he is initiated in the BDB. He lives at the "Pit", a two bedroom gate-house connected to the mansion where the King and other Brothers reside, with Vishous and he is a friend to all the warriors. An ex-homicide detective, he was lovingly given the nickname "Cop" by the vampires. He is the object of an ancient Lesser Prophecy, and has the ability to sense them wherever they are and can absorb them into himself. His story and his love for the vampire Marissa is told in Lover Revealed.


Vishous is the most intelligent and the one who is specially gifted. His curse is his ability to prognosticate: he sees the future, though not the 'when' of events so he is tortured by his inability to save those he loves from danger. Tattooed on his face, his genitals, - which are scarred since his father trised to casturate him - and his entire hand, he has the ability of psychometry. All of this was inherited from his mother The Scribe Virgin. He falls in love with a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb. His story is told in Lover Unbound.


Phury is Zsadist's twin brother and a celibate who cannot truly live because of everything his biological brother has lost. Phury is incredibly loyal to his brother, even shooting off his own leg to save his twin. His noble nature even went so far as to help release Vishous from being "Primale" to the Chosen. He eventually falls in love with the Chosen, Cormia, his first mate. His story is told in Lover Enshrined.


Rehvenge is brother-in-law to Zsadist, half symphath, and owner of a local club called ZeroSum. He is also a member of the vampire aristocracy and the "Princeps Leahdyre" of its council. He hides the fact that he is half "symphath" even to his own sister, Bella. His story is told in Lover Avenged.


Tohrment took over leadership of the Brotherhood when Wrath became King. He was the steady and calm brother, until a tragedy took the life of his Shellan, Wellsie and his unborn son, where he disappears till Lover Enshrined, returning weak and emaciated.


John Matthew/Tehrror is the reincarnation of Darius. Before learning that he was a pre-trans vampire, he lived alone. At one point, he was cornered in the hallway to his apartment and raped by an unknown human. In despair John turned to the suicide prevention network in Caldwell and met Mary Luce. He followed her home so that he could meet her - he is mute. During this meeting, Mary's neighbor, Bella, visited and sensed John was a vampire like her. As the introductions ensue, Bella notices a bracelet John is wearing which carries his name in the Old Language. The name of a brother, Tehrror. Bella contacts the brotherhood and John learns what he is and that he will soon go through his transition to become an adult male vampire. He was also invited to live amongst his kind, at which time he lived with Tohrment and his expectant mate Wellisandra. Now that he has gone through his transition Wrath has made him join the war due to his unexplained proficiency with weapons and knowledge of Lessers.His story is to be told in Lover Mine.


Qhuinn is best friends with Blaylock and John Matthew. He is hated by his parents because of his mismatched eyes and color blindness, both seen as defects to the vampire aristocracy. During training he came to the defense of John Matthew, nearly killing his cousin Lash when he pinned John to the wall, bringing back John's memories of being raped. In order to avoid being put to death he was dedicated as John Matthew's ahstrux nohtrum - his protector - and they work incredibly well together as a team. Currently he hives with John and the Brothers after his family disowned him. He is a playboy with commitment issues, preferring a steady stream of anonymous sex. Despite this he has proven himself a fierce warrior in the war against the Lessers.


Blaylock First met John Matthew at the training facility and quickly became John's first friend within his class. He is often referred to by his nickname, "Blay" and was the first of the three friends to go through his transition. He s now a soldier in the war against the Omega and the Lessers. It has been revealed that he is gay and is in love with Qhuinn, placing an increased strain on their friendship. Currently he lives with John and the Brothers.

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